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Our goal here at Under the Sea Dentistry for Children is to ensure that every child receives the greatest dental care during every visit. We understand that not every child has the same dental needs. While providing personal care, our staff is highly trained to offer a gentle and pleasing experience for our little friends. We believe that every smile is worth a thousand words. With our unique, caring approach, we strive to get children excited about their dental care.


During every child’s initial comprehensive visit, we take the opportunity to introduce all of our offered preventative care including but not limited to:

            Advanced diagnostic digital radiographs

            Professional cleaning

            “No-Fuss” Fluoride application

            An in-depth tooth/mouth examination


Dr. Pamela Butler, DMD recommends that every child receives the above preventative services every six months. This will help them develop healthy habits and set a precedent for their future dental health.


We are grateful for your interest in protecting the beautiful smiles of your little ones! We are excited and look forward to meeting you soon!


We can bill all insurances including Washington State Health Plans!



“I love this place, I always refer it and will continue
to go back both of my children remain cavity free! Yay!
Good job, you guys rock!”


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